Boot Camp

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The standard fitness boot camp offers all or most of the following:
  • A small group environment (six to ten people).
  • Orientation – Your first session should include time for completing paperwork, reviewing the class rules and safety guidelines and performing a basic fitness assessment if that hasn’t been done.
  • Warm Up – Each session should start with a warm-up routine.
  • Stretching
  • Strength Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning (WOD) – The conditioning portion will vary from 10 minute to 30 minutes and will typically include:
    • push ups
    • plyometric
    • Interval training
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Squat thrusts or burpees
    • Speed training with sprints
    • Core strength
    • Partner exercises
  • Cool down and stretching. The session will end with some gentle stretching.
  • BodyFat Testing – Each bootcamp session includes full body fat testing and analysis using a Inbody Composition Analyzer to best show your staring point for the camp and end results.

Costs to each Bootcamp can vary depending upon the duration and size of the group. Please inquire with a coach on the next bootcamp availability and pricing.

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