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Our classes are built around the same core CrossFit methodology, yet are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

A certified CrossFit coach leads every class and knows every member. Our personal instruction helps every member make real progress at the appropriate pace.


The warm-up prepares you for your workout by getting your muscles moving and elevating your heart rate. The length of time for the warm-up may vary depending on the workout, but usually ranges from 10–15 minutes and includes some cardio aspect such as running, rowing or jump rope mixed in with some basic functional CrossFit movements like air squats, burpees, push-ups and sit-ups. Lastly, we include stretching and mobility exercises that focus on the muscles that you’ll use in the workout for that day.

Skill/Strength Work

This portion of your workout helps you master some of the more difficult movements in CrossFit. During this portion of class, we will either focus on improving form or zero in on a pure strength building exercise. Some examples of this would be cleans, snatches, push jerks, fronts squats and back squats.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

This is the part of class where you will incorporate your warm-up, stretching and skill/strength work into a high intensity, metabolic conditioning workout. Conditioning is planned to be effective and efficient.


This is a very important time during the workout. It’s when you set the stage for recovery and take proper care of your body. You’ll stretch, use the foam roller and really address any mobility issues to help improve range of motion.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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